Richard M. Taddeo

About Me:

Dr. Taddeo, a seasoned podiatrist, traces his roots back to the charming city of Bologna, Italy, where he was born. Having called the Millburn area home for over four decades, he is deeply connected to the community. Dr. Taddeo is a proud alum of Millburn High School, and his commitment to the local people remains unwavering. With a comprehensive understanding of podiatric medicine, Dr. Taddeo is proficient in addressing a wide range of foot and ankle issues across all age groups, from pediatric to geriatric patients. His genuine and compassionate approach sets him apart, as he takes pride in creating a comfortable and caring environment for each of his patients. Dr. Taddeo's dedication to the well-being of his patients extends beyond the borders of Millburn. He frequently travels to Italy, where he not only reconnects with friends and family but also provides medical care in rural settings. His fluency in Italian, Spanish, and English allows him to effectively communicate with a diverse patient base. An avid hiker, Dr. Taddeo appreciates the intricacies of foot function, especially under the stresses of extreme activities. His firsthand experience as a passionate hiker informs his practice, emphasizing the importance of maintaining optimal foot health even in challenging conditions. As a strong advocate for personalized care, Dr. Taddeo believes in customizing orthotics to meet the unique needs of each patient, irrespective of their level of activity. Whether addressing common podiatric concerns or promoting foot health in extreme conditions, Dr. Taddeo's commitment to excellence and patient well-being is evident in every aspect of his practice.


Year Degree Institute
1995 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine New York College of Podiatric Medicine,
1989 B.A., Biology Rutgers University